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We are pleased to offer a number of workshops in November and December. These training opportunities are free, and come on the front edge of summer, just in time to beef up your CV before the rush of summer job application. 

Each workshop will repeat at least once, please let us know which date works best for you when completing the form below. 

If you have any questions about the content of any of the workshops, please give us a call on 09 376 6645. 

Barista Training

Learn what goes into a great cup of coffee, from the beans to the roastery, to the cup. This short course covers explores the coffee making process and includes some hands on experience using an espresso machine. The training takes place in a professional cafe and includes a brief introduction to Youthline and some of the opportunities available including other courses, volunteer roles, training and mentoring. 

Where: 232 Dairy Flat Highway

When: Nov 28 or Dec 12 

Time: 2PM - 5:30PM

Employment Workshop

This short and sharp course focuses on practical skills like CV writing, interview practice and job searching tips. Perfect for someone searching for full or part-time work, who either has a CV and wants feedback or is just starting to put one together. 

Where: 232 Dairy Flat Highway

When: Nov 24, Nov 28, Dec 12, Dec 15

Time: All workshops 11AM - 1PM

Drivers License Training

This short course covers the theory component of the Learners License program. Our aim is to make this content as fun and interactive as possible. If you're finding it difficult making time to get stuck into the theory book, why don't you join us and work through the content as a group (with snacks!).

Where: 232 Dairy Flat Highway

When: Nov 28 or Dec 15

Time: 2PM - 4PM