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Many, many people have been involved with Youthline over the last 35 years.


We have had hundreds of thousands of phone calls over this time from people who want to talk about things they want to work out.

We are keen to hear your stories.  This might be about your contact with Youthline and how we have helped or your personal life, your work, or just working stuff out.  You can share your stories on this section of the site simply be emailing us by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it <!-- document.write( '</' ); document.write( 'span>' ); //--> and if you wish, we will post them up here.

Your story could be important for inspiring others and giving support for the work we do.



Linda's Story
Hi there!  My name is Linda.  I started my training at Youthline in 2003.  I'm currently a solo telephone counsellor and co-facilitating groups at Youthline.

I got involved in Youthline because I wanted to help people.  Part of what I learnt at Youthline was that my role in helping people isn't necessarily about solving other people's problems for them but about being there and empowering them through challenging times.  I didn't realise that Youthline would do so much for me too!  Through the training and being part of groups, in an environment where I know there are people who are accepting and encouraging, I have learnt more about myself and had room to reflect and understand why and who I am.

Counselling is very different from what I am studying at university, yet it is really cool that I am still able to transfer skills and qualities I have gained from Youthline into my everyday life such as sensitive confrontation and active listening skills.

Being part of Youthline is a really special part of my life because to me it is about connection and interaction with a diverse range of people (whether it is on the phones or with other members of Youthline) and it is about involvement and contribution to the community!

Linda (21)