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Sponsor Youthline!

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In 2012 the Youthline community is celebrating 42 years of service. It’s a great achievement and we are proud that for 42 years we have been there for young people and their families when it seemed like there was nowhere else for them to go.

25 years ago I joined this wonderful organisation as a volunteer. I was then, as I am now, filled with admiration for the courage of both the young people who make contact with us and the Youthline people who are there to support them during difficult times and sometimes their darkest moments.


The issues of abuse and neglect, pain and sorrow that we meet in our work saddens us, as it often reflects the worst of what people can do to one another. The hardest part for me over the years has been supporting families after a young person has taken their own life. The pain is palpable, the loss immense and the questions endless.

In saying this, the hard edge of our work is countered by the amazing young people I have met over the years. These young people are strong, creative and talented. They give of themselves and go the extra mile to make a difference in our world. They are leaders now and will go on to make enormous contributions in many different facets of society.

One way of many ways that we support young people is by being there at the end of the line; our catch phase is “one line to get you from where you are to where you want to be!”

We are currently raising to finish our development of a new facility in Manukau , so if you are interested in partnering with Youthline please feel free to contact me.


There are many opportunities for people to get involved with Youthline, and to support the projects that we are working on. One of these ways is to donate to specific projects. To find out more about how to donate to Youthline, click here.


We really appreciate all the support and help we receive each year from volunteers, individuals, organisations, sponsors and communities around Aotearoa. Help us to make a difference to the lives of young people around the country!




Stephen Bell
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