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What to do if my child is being bullied:


Take them seriously and listen to what they have to say.


Encourage them to talk to you or someone they can trust.


Urge your child to calmly walk away when the bullying occurs.


If it is on a cell phone or website, save it and report it to the phone company or internet provider.


Sway your child from going to places they feel unsafe.


Assist your child in finding safe places to go, such as home, a friend of the family’s place, police or school counsellor.


Contact Youthline for help.

Or I know someone who is bullying



Talk to them, if you can explain that bullying is not Ok.


Talk to them, try to get the bully to understand what it’s like for the people they are bullying.


Talk to others and try to explain the situation.


Talk to those around the young people to get a different perspective, such as their teachers, friends.


Talk about what they think might help them to stop bullying.


In some cases, parents can help by controlling their own behaviour.


Praise them when they do something well, and give them encouragement.


Consider an anger management programme from  trained professional.



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