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Thank you for signing up as an online member!


Please check your email inbox as you will be sent an email to authenticate your username and password. You will need to do this before you are able to sign in. 


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Please read the following information:


Privacy and Confidentiality

All who use the site should expect privacy and confidentiality and we take this very seriously. Below are a few points.
Information gathering
Information is received by two main ways.
1. Voluntarily offered information, such as may be received through site feedback, the Urge Youth Membership and by user emails.
2. Session Information gained through ‘cookies’ and other electronic means.


Voluntary information
We do not collect information on users of the site with the purpose of identifying people. When a person offers information about themselves this information is collated with the purpose of understanding those who use the site and identifying information is either unknown or removed. For administrative purposes we need to keep the personal details of the Urge Youth membership.
Urge/Whakamanawa does not disclose any identifying information to anyone else. The only people who would have access to this are Urge staff who have clear rules regarding privacy and confidentiality.
We do keep useful aggregated information, which is helpful in us knowing who uses the site and provides us with ratings of our performance. This may include age, sex, location, race, profession group (i.e. school/work) and other answers, which have been gained from feedback questionnaires. We may publish general non-identifying details about our performance and usage. Identifying e-mail addresses will not be passed on to anyone without your consent.


Session information
We collate information about site usage from ‘cookies’ and other statistical information from our ISP (Internet Service provider). The cookies that may be provided from people who have log in and member names will be retained for the time of their membership with Urge/Whakamanawa. Our site reports can identify ISP’s and it is possible through investigation to identify individual computers that accessed the site, but not an individual. This information will not be shared with anyone.

Urge receives material, content and advice from a number of mainstream organisations that are acknowledged experts in their field. All material on the site should represent a mainstream approach. For example we adopt the ‘harm minimisation’ views around the topics of alcohol and drugs as this is acknowledged approach adopted by ALAC and the Ministry of Health.
Urge receives sponsorship from the government, philanthropic and corporate sectors and our acceptance of their contribution does not imply that we endorse or support their views or products.