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TheStructure of Youthline Wellington

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Committee – Committed Passionate Representatives (CPR)

Youthline Wellington runs on a collective basis, so that all members have an equal right to participation in decision making. Fortnightly CPR meetings, which are open to all members, provide the main forum for discussion and decision-making.

The CPR is made up of:
Trustees - are those who have been elected to the positions of Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Communications. The Trustees hold responsibility for ensuring that Youthline runs effectively between CPR meetings. This group provides the governance structure for Youthline Wellington.

Youthline Coordinator - is a part-time paid employee of Youthline. The Coordinator is responsible for the day to day management, running and funding of Youthline Wellington. The Coordinator reports to CPR on their activities.

Youthline Education Coordinator - Is also a part-time paid employee of Youthline. The Education Coordinators role is to provide information and education for young people and for those who work in the youth sector.  The Education Coordinator reports also to CPR on their activities.

Supervision Groups

Supervision groups aim to fulfil the monitoring, support, training, and social needs of counsellors.
All Youthline counsellors are assigned to a Supervision group.  Supervision should address the calls that counsellors have had, personal issues that are likely to affect the counsellor’s role on the phones, Youthline business, and any problems that counsellors have with the Code of Ethics or Practice, referral information, and training issues.

Supervisors - At Youthline Wellington there are seven Supervision groups, each of which has an experienced Youthliner in a Supervisor role.  Supervisors play a vital role in supporting our Youthline volunteers and ensuring that all people taking counselling calls are in a good space to be doing so.