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What happens when I call?

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When the counsellor answers the phone they will say something like "Hello/Kia ora/Hi, Youthline, Sarah [or whatever their name is] speaking." Our counsellors are mostly young people in their early twenties and they've all been through an intensive selection and training process.


- The counsellor won't ask you what your name is, where you live, or any other personal details. It's fully up to you what you tell us and everything that is said is confidential between you and Youthline.


- We don't have caller display flashing your phone number up in front of the counsellor.


- We don't know all the answers, but we've found that by talking about stuff it's easier for people to find the answers themselves.


- Our counsellors are really good at listening.


- We totally believe in our Code of Ethics and this is what the first two parts say:
1. Youthline firmly believes in the worth and dignity of every individual.
2. Youthline respects the right and capacity of our callers to choose their own way of life; make their own decisions; use their own resources; and work out their own problems.

- Because we can't provide on-going support, we've got a list of other organisations who can help too.

- Sometimes all of our phone lines are busy. If you call us when they are you'll get a message saying so or your call will go to another Youthline. The same happens if you call outside our opening hours, which are 4pm-11pm everyday.