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Autumn Community Newsletter 2009

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Autumn Community Newsletter 2009
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Tena koe,

Youthline is dedicated to developing a community where young people are supported to achieve their potential; both within our organisation and within the wider community. Since 1970 Youthline has contributed to the wellbeing of young people throughout New Zealand.

We are excited by the opportunities ahead; from the development of an innovative youth development community centre in Manukau to a four year research partnership with Massey University; from working “on the streets” with young prostitutes in Manukau to providing our views on policy development; from managing 15,000 text from young people each month to providing crisis pregnancy counselling support. Youthline is truly a place where “you can get from where you are to where you want to be!”

I am committed to continuously improving and finding new ways in which our services, resources and skills can be used to sustain our contribution to our world where young people grow with a sense of security and belonging.


This commitment carries over into the development of a sector where there are consistent standards of service delivery and where the work force sees a place for them-selves now and in the future.

We continue to build an informed practice and look further into the use of technology as a health promotion process and tackling the practical challenges of determining the right framework for a client outcome focused evaluation process.

Youthline’s Auckland Board demonstrates in action a deep commitment to volunteering and is comprised of community leaders who give generously of their time to guide the organisation with skill, dedication and a commitment to excellence.


Significant work has been done to develop Governance depth over the last year and this builds resilience in the organisation as a whole that is invaluable.

I also acknowledge Youthline Management Team. I am proud to serve with such a passionate, hard working and dedicated team.


However Youthline’s achievements would not have been possible without the dedication and passion of both our paid and volunteer staff. More than 700 people work for Youthline in communities around New Zealand. Their achievements are highlighted in this report.

I am confident that the commitment of our people, coupled with our new strategy, will ensure Youthline continues in its valuable work for the next forty years and beyond.





Naku noa, na

  Stephen Bell 

(From Youthline Auckland’s Annual Report 2009)