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Summer Community Newsletter 2008

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Summer Community Newsletter 2008
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 Meri Kirihimete

In a world where individuals and families can be fragmenting, it is vital that communities come together to support our youth and families.

Amongst the end of year celebratory moments the end of year graduation for Youthline’s Alternative Education or AE students stands out in my mind. I was filled with pride as I watched how our AE graduates have transitioned and how their experience at Youthline has impacted positively on both them as individuals and their families.

In my mind these graduates who have matured and developed mentally, socially and physically are testimony to the importance and need for a community based response to community issues.

Providing these young people with a secure and relevant environment which caters to their academic, artistic and emotional development is an effective way of reaching our most at risk youth. Our wonderful teacher Lara and her team are doing an invaluable job fostering the incredible talent and skill these young people have.

By engaging the community we can create solutions that are beneficial for the wider community. Focusing on development rather than treatment means we create environments where young people do well and don’t need to make use of our health and justice systems.

I also know that this public moment of celebration with our students reflects the myriad of successes our teams have with people every day often quietly behind closed doors but with a profound effect on people and on our world.

It is an honour to serve the teams of Youthline and through them the wider world.

I would like to end by wishing everyone the best for Christmas and the New Year. Look out for one another and give each other the support which creates strong and healthy communities.


Naku noa, na

Stephen Bell


Youthline CEO