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Summer Community Newsletter 2011

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Summer Community Newsletter 2011
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Youthline Auckland CEO Update


Tena koutou

This I think is the last time this year I will say Happy New Year. The year is now well underway and I hope it is going to be a great one for you.

We started the year off with a great function which celebrated the release of Youthline television commercials.This project was truly a reflection of Youthline’s values bringing the can-do attitude and youth development together in a creative process that was an honour to witness.

I say witness because I was very much on the sidelines. Key to youth development is that young people are involved in organisations and communities in meaningful ways with clear responsibilities and the authority to take on and deliver on projects. The team that took this on was lead by a young staff member, Morgan Johnston and what they created was done so with about 1% of the budget that would normally be required.

This represents Youthline in so many ways. Youthline is about engaging young people, providing development and leadership opportunities to them and then they in turn provide a service back to the community. It was fabulous to see this in action in this project as it is in so many areas across this organisation.

It is also about partnership. The individuals and organisations involved partnered to bring about this resource for a youth centered campaign. This is also central to Youthline’s philosophy- we believe that the best approach to youth and community development requires partnership.

So I wish you in all your relationships the very best of results and thank you for your continued support of our work in communities across New Zealand.

Nuku noa, na

Stephen Bell

Youthline Auckland CEO

National Coordinator and Spokesperson